Procedure & Training Courses

Again and again, crisis communication turns out to be a critical success factor. Training and exercising this aspect of crisis management is vital to a successful outcome and to avoid reputational damage.

We provide various training courses in the field of crisis communication, including courses for communication departments, management and spokespeople.

  • Crisis Communication (& Social Media) Training Course

    As part of this training course, you will learn how to prepare your communication (or communications department) for a crisis and to communicate effectively during a crisis.

    This training course will cover the following topics:

    • The three goals of crisis communication: information, interpretation and damage control;
    • Transparent communication to avoid reputational damage;
    • Development of a crisis communication plan;
    • Impact and deployment of social media.

    In addition we shall deal with cases relevant to your organisation.

  • Media Training Course

    The media (TV, radio, newspapers and websites) play a major role in crisis communication. During this training course, you will learn how to talk to journalists in an effective manner. We focus on:

    • How the media work;
    • Interview preparation;
    • How to formulate and convey your message;
    • Suitable clothing;
    • Do’s and don’ts.

    You will, of course, practise with camera interviews, in line with your sector and position within the organisation. Through re-watching and directional feedback, you will learn to bring an interview to a satisfactory conclusion.

  • Other Special Training Courses

    We also offer:

    • ‘Writing under pressure’ training course
    • ‘Logging’ training course