Procedure & Training Courses

We provide a range of training courses for organisations in the field of Business Continuity Management. A number of possibilities are listed below. We always provide tailor-made solutions and will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Planning

    We can assist your organisation in the development of a business continuity plan (BCP) and, for instance, Risk and Business Impact Analysis. . Our plans are user-friendly, practical and easy to understand and communicate.

  • BCM Awareness Training

    Organisations that are new to the field of BCM are advised to start with BCM awareness training. This training course covers topics such as the phases of a crisis, the impact a crisis may have on your critical processes and how to prepare your organisation. Your own BCM and crisis plan will be addressed as well in an interactive way.   The training is completed with a tabletop exercise that will deal with a case that is relevant to your organisation.

  • Special Exercises

    These may include BCM exercises that simulate the failure of one or more critical operational processes, or recovery exercises, where the focus is on a disaster recovery site. Our trainers and consultants scan, advise, coordinate or take on the role of observers.