Procedures & Training Courses

Parcival ensures that your organisation is fully prepared for a crisis. We provide education, training and exercises for your crisis management organisation.

Generally we use the following procedures to assist your organisation. If your organisation has previous experience in the field of crisis management, the steps in this process may be adjusted to fit your needs.

  • Planning, Structure & Composition of the team

    Parcival helps you to plan and structure your crisis organisation. Our plans are concise and pragmatic and the organisational structure is clear and easy to understand.

    We can also help you compose your crisis management team; using a combined analysis of competences and styles of behaviour and communication. Together we can decide on the best possible team composition.

  • Basis Crisis Management Training

    We recommend that organisations that are new to the field of crisis management start with the Basic Crisis Management Training. During this training we cover, among other things, the features, phases and course of a crisis, government processes, crisis communication, crisis decision-making and your own plans and procedures. The training will be completed with a tabletop exercise, where we shall deal with a case relevant to your organisation.

  • Crisis Simulation Training

    Following a theoretical introduction, including crisis decision-making and an optional section about styles of behaviour and communication among your team, a crisis simulation exercise will be conducted. Using a realistic and custom-made scenario, your crisis management team will come face-to-face with a calamity. From a separate room, skilled and experienced actors will increase the pressure. These actors take on the roles of ERT, the emergency services, the media, victim’s relatives and other stakeholders of your organisation. Through a closed system, your team will also have to deal with social media messages. The training is concluded with an evaluation and a report will be supplied afterwards with recommendations for improvements and practical tips.

  • Specific Training Courses

    The following training courses are available:

    • Support team training
    • Delegate training
    • Logging team training (administrative support)
    • Chairman training